Dr. Joe Piwoszkin

After 20 years of varied fitness experiences and 7 years treating patients in search of an active lifestyle, I realized my calling was to open a gym. My patients wanted to be ACTIVE and it was my job to get them there. I loved being active too; teaching my patients how to stretch, how to strengthen, and how to do things correctly so they could reach their goals safely and STAY ACTIVE for a LIFETIME. Knowledge and personal experience made me successful in treating my patients. Name a workout injury, and I've probably had it. Through years of education and personal growth, I've learned how to correct and prevent injuries from happening again.

For a little over a decade, my wife and I moved around the Midwest (Chicago, Cincinnati, and returning to Fort Wayne). During that time, I was a member of well over a dozen gyms - big box and smaller, privately owned gyms. I took what I believed to be the best parts of every gym experience and each fitness style... and created PLUS ULTRA.

What is Plus Ultra? Is it powerlifting? Weight lifting? Strong Man? CrossFit? Bodybuilding? High intensity interval training? Endurance training? Personal training? Physical therapy?

Yes. And no. It is all of those things and none of those things entirely.

Plus Ultra is a mash-up of concepts with one thing at its core: EVERYONE is challenged at their current level of fitness and ANYONE can achieve their goals. We are training for life, and life is unpredictable. You might not know what to expect when you walk through our doors, but you can EXPECT a purposeful workout that is safe and FUN. I won't waste your time and you will get RESULTS!

When you spend time at our gym, you will get to know my wife (Lisa Marie), our 2 boys (Lucas & Jory), and occasionally our dog (Rukia). Family is what drives me to succeed and to be a role model for my children and my community. Each member of Plus Ultra is now a part of that community, and I will continue to push you to CRUSH GOALS & HAVE FUN. 

Coach Angela Zabavski

Angela’s passion for fitness shines not only in her personal accomplishments, but also in her dedication to our clients. She has a wealth of knowledge on safe and ideal movement and has done an excellent job keeping our members healthy and getting them in the best shape of their lives. Here’s what she wants you to know:

“I have my bachelors degree in nuclear medicine technology from the IU school of medicine. I work as a nuclear medicine technologist at PET fusion imaging. I’m an avid lover of dogs & fitness! Having played sports my whole life, I found a love for working out in 2017 and never looked back. I’m passionate about helping others achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals while further enhancing my own knowledge to be a better resource for members throughout their journey!” 

Angela has been working with us since before we opened in order to complete her training at Plus Ultra. We are so happy to have her. 

Manager/Coach Erika Ashe

Erika spent 20 years in the field of social work fostering an environment of change and self improvement for clients and staff.  "Empowering people to achieve their goals was part of the job and I love that I still get to do that at Plus Ultra, but in a different way!"  Watching the members skills and confidence grow is by far her favorite part of the job.

In 2021, Erika obtained a certification with Precision Nutrition to better understand the impact of nutrition on overall health/fitness and helps lead the Plus Ultra Nutrition Groups.  When not at the gym, Erika can most likely be found on the sidelines of her boys sporting events!  

Coach Ian Hunter

Ian has been at PU for almost a year and has shown amazing dedication in both his personal work ethic and dedication to our community. Here is what he wants you to know:

Ian has been working in the fitness industry for almost 15 years. After experiencing many different styles of training and a variety of gym environments, he’s found a home with the Plus Ultra community. 

Whether during the day in his role as an assistant principal for a local public elementary school or during the evenings and weekends with the Plus Ultra team, he is committed to helping others achieve their goals and become their best selves. 

When not helping others, he spends his time reading, gardening, learning, and hanging with family and friends. Ian earned his bachelor’s degree in Education and his master’s degree in Leadership.

Coach Sally Krouse

Coming soon!