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We designed our gym knowing that everyone has different fitness needs. Taking advantage of our small group or personal training sessions that offer constant variety, combined with intelligent balance, keeps you on your toes while having fun (Yes, we just said “fun” and “gym” in the same sentence).  Our team is there for you whether you want to burn fat, increase muscle mass, get faster, or simply feel more productive.

Our gym is run by a double-boarded doctor, so we’re here for you when you have injuries. Since we have experience in chiropractic and physical therapy, we know the workouts that will help you heal and get back to your best self faster. Do we really need to say more? Trust us when we say that Plus Ultra Fitness is the gym that you've been waiting for.

You aren't paying for just a "Gym Membership" at Plus Ultra.

You are paying for:





And what do these lead to?....RESULTS! What else would you expect from a program designed by a double-boarded doctor with 20 years of fitness experience?

That's what you get with a gym membership at Plus Ultra. 

"Truly a great atmosphere with some of the most genuine people you will ever meet."

"(...)Joe makes you feel comfortable trying new things and is always motivating to reach your goals."

"Joe works to create the best fitness environment possible, I can't recommend this gym enough."

"I'm so grateful for this community.  If I have a bad day, Plus Ultra makes it better.  If I have a good day, I leave feeling even better than before."